Helping your body
from the inside out.


The brands you trust use BARLEYmax™.


BARLEYmax™ wholegrain has the
highest level of Resistant Starch
in any grain product.


Originating from the Himalayas
An ancient grain revitalised.


BARLEYmax Prebiotics
Support Digestive Health.

BARLEYmax™ fibre levels
Insoluble Fibre Soluble Fibre Resistant Starch
BARLEYmax™amout1Twice the dietry fibre of regular grains
Cooking with BARLEYmax™

Cooking with products containing BARLEYmax™ is a great fun way of enhancing your favourite foods. You’ll enjoy the distinct sweet aroma and taste of BARLEYmax™ compared to other grains

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