BARLEYmax™ wholegrain has the
highest level of Resistant Starch
in any grain product.


Helping your body
from the inside out


BARLEYmax Prebiotics
Support Digestive Health


Improve your
Health Star Rating.


Originating from the Himalayas
An ancient grain revitalised

OPTIMAL fibre balance
in a wholegrain

Developed by CSIRO scientists, BARLEYmaxTM wholegrains represent the next evolution of superfoods, an enhanced wholegrain. The credentials of BARLEYmaxTM begin with it’s history. It was bred using traditional plant breeding processes, and is 100% GM free. The enhanced wholegrain discovered by Dr Morell and his team at the CSIRO contains two times the dietary fibre and four times the resistant starch of a regular grain.

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BARLEYmax™ fibre levels
Insoluble Fibre Soluble Fibre Resistant Starch
BARLEYmax™amout1Twice the dietry fibre of regular grains
Cooking with BARLEYmax™

Cooking with products containing BARLEYmax™ is a great fun way of enhancing your favourite foods. You’ll enjoy the distinct sweet aroma and taste of BARLEYmax™ compared to other grains

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